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 Tips and Tricks about Google

1] I will describe a few techniques that I use. They have been collected from various help pages, chat rooms and books. If you find any error please point it out.

Google ignores some of the common words such as 'the' 'and' 'a' etc while performing a search.

2] How to formulate a good search string :

Google uses AND logic for the queries by default. If you search new songs google searches for pages containing new AND songs. You can put OR logic in the search box like this

new or songs

You can exclude some terms using "-"

It is also possible to combine AND and OR operators.

It may be noted that Google is not case sensitive regarding search strings. Linux, LINUX and linux produces the same results. However the operators such as AND and OR are case sensitive.

3] Searching for a file :

Suppose you want to search for pdf documents only. You can do this by attaching a filetype modifier to your query. A typical query can look like this

CCNA filetype:pdf

Google can recognize most common filetyes.

4] Searching only at a site :

This is similar to file type modifier. Try this songs

5] Searching in URLs and Page titles :

You can search in urls using inurl modifier. Try inurl:smb.conf

6] Looking for definitions :


It bring out definitions from around the web.

7] Finding the price of some geek gadget :

Google has a companion site called Its interface is exactly similar. But it returns prices across various stores in the US. This feature can be very useful if you plan to buy some strange hardware.

8] Google Calculator :

In the google search :

Type in an equation: (100+4567*10-200=)

What is the square root of 267? (sqrt(267))

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